Vista Scott -
My work is that part of me you can't see unless I create a door to let you in. I dream when I'm awake and feel everything around me.  Nothing consists of one color but several, so I pull forth images and shapes from my dreams and find the colors that let them speak.  Red is never red it's several colors combined.  Experience is never simple, it's as complicated as color.

Simple or complicated my thoughts manifest themselves through paint, clay, wood, metal and just about anything else that whispers in my ear.   
I have always enjoyed the complex simplicity of traditional work, but when I mix mediums I can show yet another side of my being that you can't see if just look at me.  Varied styles and mediums are not choices, they are simply just what is. I feel the work the entire time that I'm creating it.  And I thoroughly enjoy the conversation shared when it's completed.  Some works come with one poignant thing to say whereas others, I find that I continue to work them because they enjoy the conversation just as much as I do. I create because I have no other choice.  I want something left in my space, because it is my space. 
My intent has always been to build a visual language through my work. Whatever I encounter can light a fire that burns from drawing to painting, to sculpture and back again.  I work in any medium never limiting myself to only what I have previously tried – I see every attempt as a success. By freely using each medium separately or in combination I communicate something about myself in a way, which allows me to see how others interpret who I am.   My work really has no beginning just as I anticipate that it will have no end.  People die, but art lives on long after and continues to engage and enlighten anyone who may encounter it. 
“People and objects send messages and tell stories without speaking a word.  I listen with my eyes and whisper back.”  


Vista Scott has been an artist since her beginning but her studies at the Art Student’s League served to guide her down the road that enabled her to understand the true freedom of creativity without limit.  This was an atmosphere that proved a perfect fit for Vista to further hone the skills to allow what ever developed in her mind’s eye to come forth and be seen as she saw it.   
Her body of work clearly  demonstrates how she holds no attachment to any color palette, style, or medium.  Instead she freely uses each separately and in combination to mold her own language.  Paintings created in a softer palette, command attention and peak the viewer’s curiosity while vibrant colors employed in both traditional and abstract works incite emotions which often lead to lengthy conversations. Few artists work successfully in such an array of varied styles -  expressionism, abstract, cubism, impressionism, and surrealism to name a few can all be found in Vista's body of work. Using all of these traditionally and in combination, her work demonstrates the many facets of her personality and creativity.  She was an artist who was well aware that seemingly insignificant objects and events could prompt a creative explosion. And when that occured, she always had a creative arsenal at her fingertips ready for action.  
Vista’s work can be found in private collections throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. 
Collaborative work by Vista Scott and Brook Scott can be viewed at
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