Vista Scott -
Vista Scott
April 22,1935 ~ January 23, 2012
“People and objects send messages and tell stories without speaking a word.  
I listen with my eyes and whisper back.”  
"People die, art is timeless"
My work is that part of me you won't see unless I create a door to let you in. I dream when I'm awake and feel everything around me.  Nothing consists of one color but several, so I pull forth images and shapes from my dreams and find the colors in them.  Red is never red it's several colors combined.  Experience is never simple, it's as complicated as color.  (continued below)
"Living Life Dreaming" is now available. 
This second gorgeous color photo book contains twelve 
new works that were created 2009-2010.  
(This book is a 120 page condensed version 
of the 290 page "Outside and In Between")
Click on the images above or below to view both books. 

Simple or complicated my thoughts manifest themselves through paint, clay, wood, metal and just about anything else that whispers in my ear.  
I have always enjoyed the complex simplicity of traditional work, but when I mix mediums I can show yet another side of my being that you can't see if just look at me.  Varied styles and mediums are not choices, they are simply just what is. I feel the work the entire time that I'm creating it.  And I thoroughly enjoy the conversation shared when it's completed.  Some works come with one poignant thing to say whereas others, I find that I continue to work on pieces because they enjoy the conversation just as much as I do. I create because I have no other choice.  I want something left in  my space, because it is my space.
My intent has always been to build a visual language through my work. Whatever I encounter can light a fire that burns from drawing to painting, to sculpture and back again.  I work in any medium never limiting myself to only what I have previously tried – I see every attempt as a success. By freely using each medium separately or in combination I communicate something about myself in a way, which allows me to see how others interpret who I am.   My work really has no beginning just as I anticipate that it will have no end.  People die, but art lives on long after and continues to engage and enlighten anyone who may encounter it.

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